Membership Dues and Rules


  • Basic Monthly Membership (24 hour access plus 1 guest, discounted merchandise) $25.00

  • Locker Rental (Monthly) Limited availability $5.00

  • Access to Private Rooms (Two 5 hour sessions per month) Limited availability $5.00

  • Access to Large Private Room (Daily rate Members Only) Subject to availability $10.00

  • RPG Group Kicker (allows an additional 4 guests per membership for RPG sessions only) $15.00

  • Additional Member Guest Day Pass $5.00

  • Non-member Event Access Included in event fee

*Fees are non-refundable*


  • Memberships are only available for 18+, Minors are allowed as guests with adult supervision only.

  • Payments are due on the 1st or 15th of the month depending on billing cycle.

  • Members may request to be placed on auto-renewal at any time.

  • Cancellation of auto renewal is due 7 days prior to billing cycle.

  • There is no alcohol allowed on premises.

  • There is no smoking, vaping, or tobacco use allowed inside the building.

  • There is no sleeping in the facility.

  • Member and Guest behavior:

    • Members need to maintain consideration and respect for other persons in the space.

    • Members are responsible for the conduct, behavior, actions, and damages of their guests.

    • Members are expected to clean up after themselves and any accompanying guests.

      • This includes disposal of trash into receptacles.

      • Drinks must be emptied into sinks prior to discarding in trash.

      • Paints and waste water must be disposed of in designated area only.

      • Return of club gaming materials, i.e. mats, terrain, etc to storage areas.

      • Turning off lights in private gaming rooms.

    • Members and guests are expected to care for common club items.

      • This includes but is not limited to bathrooms, sinks, tables, chairs, and painting area.

    • Each member is expected to use their unique credential when entering the space and not allow other persons to "piggyback" or "tailgate" behind them.

      • Members are expected to protect their unique credential.

      • Members are required to ensure all doors are secured prior to their departure.

  • Members are allowed 1 guest per membership unless purchasing an RPG Kicker.

    • The RPG Kicker allows for the member plus up to 5 guests for RPG sessions only.

Conditions for Suspension or Revocation of Privileges:

  • Memberships will be terminated at the end of a billing cycle if payment is not received.

  • Egregious conduct to include but not limited to arguing, poor sportsmanship, theft or damage of property, etc.

  • Length of Suspension/ Revocation will be determined on a case by case basis and is the sole discretion of Refuge Gaming L.L.C.

  • Refuge Gaming Reserves the right to cancel a membership with no refunds for violation of these rules or other egregious acts.

Locker Agreement

  • We understand and agree that the following conditions govern the use of lockers.

  • The lockers are the property of Refuge Gaming L.L.C. Each locker is assigned by Refuge Gaming L.L.C. for an additional fee.

  • The Length of Term for locker rentals shall coincide with billing cycle for accompanying paid membership.

  • Refuge Gaming L.L.C. assumes no responsibility for items in the lockers.

  • Members shall be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the locker combination.

  • Members shall be responsible for keeping the locker clean (free of stickers, writing, etc.). No material is to be pasted or glued to the inside or outside surface. Lockers may be checked periodically for damage or illegal materials. Discovery of illegal materials will be referred to Brunswick City Police Department.

  • Members must remove all belongings from the locker on the last day of their membership.

  • Members are responsible to completely clean the locker. Refuge Gaming L.L.C. is not responsible for items left in the locker after the end of rental term.

  • No food or drinks may be stored in lockers.

  • Any locker may be searched by Refuge Gaming L.L.C. with reasonable cause. A second staff member shall function as a witness.